Chasing Pavements Cast

Chasing Pavements Cast

When I read books, they play like films in my head.  When I write, I’m actually writing about the movie rolling in my mind. Its often celebrities/actors who play the roles of my characters.

It’s like directing these actors in my own film and apart from Mukti, the female lead in the book, the appearance of all the main characters in Chasing Pavements actually came to me in the form of actors/celebrities I like.

So, here they are: 

Taylor Swift as Maggie York - isn't she just adorable?

I'm a huge fan of Colin Firth and some of the mannerisms that we have come to associate with all the characters he has played on-screen, remind me so much of Peter York.  Just imagine him with blonde hair...

The lovely Judith Light, her role in Ugly Betty actually helped inspire Tanya Davenport's character. 

But my absolute fave, the gorgeous Aaron Johnson as the teenage and adult Daniel (Danny) White - Danny was actually based specifically around Aaron's looks (when he was a teen) because Mukti is a sucker for such pretty faces!  And hasn't he grown into the kind of adult that Danny grew into.

But that doesn’t mean I actually dare to dream that my book would be made into a film, or that it would have my ideal cast if it was adapted for the big screen.  That would be so crazy!

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