Chasing Pavements

'A truly fantastic read. The two main characters are cleverly crafted, impeccable. Loved it.' 5-stars
~ Author, I.C. Camilleri

'I was captured from the beginning of the story... the way it's written is excellent. A must read.' 5-stars
~ Book Blogger, RosieReview 

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Chasing Pavements ~ A Contemporary Romantic Drama by Neha Yazmin

Would you recognise true love if you saw it?

Singer and songwriter Jamie York is suffering from writer's block. When he meets Mukti, suddenly his creativity knows no bounds and he feels torn. He has to keep seeing her, but what will she make of his tortured soul?

Little does he know that Mukti has her own secrets and is just as troubled as he is. Her name translates as 'freedom' in her native tongue Bengali, but she is anything but free.

Recent graduate Mukti Khan has started a new job in the City and is determined to work hard and keep others at bay. All that changes after a chance encounter with the mysterious Jamie. He fascinates her like no one ever has and she just has to get to know him better.

But is she truly capable of letting him in?

As an unlikely friendship develops between the two, will Jamie and Mukti be able to help each other come to terms with their pasts and move forward together, or do some ghosts haunt us forever?

Set in contemporary London, Chasing Pavements is a unique love story between two unique characters that will stay with you long after you have turned the last page.

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~ What Others Have Said About Chasing Pavements ~

"A truly fantastic read. The two main characters are cleverly crafted, impeccable. Their depth makes them feel real as they become a woven part of the reader. It is a story of heartbreak, broken pieces and that gratifying light at the end of the long dark tunnel as a new and pure love heals old  wounds and glues the pieces back together. It is a feel-good read which I highly recommend to all who love contemporary romance. Loved it." *****


"Very well written, I felt like I knew the characters myself!" *****


"Neha Yazmin's novel grips you from start to finish.  There are so many things I love about this novel.  Jamie's creativity.  Mukti's determination.  Twists and turns with every chapter.  But most of all, I love that you see the characters grow and develop.  When you reach the last page, it feels like you've been on a long journey with them - yet it's a journey that you want to do all over again!" *****


"This is not your typical chick lit book. There is no sloppy romance and no mushy words. This is truly a one of a kind book.  Little by little the story was told to me and it was told perfectly. I cannot believe this is Neha’s first book.  It is perfect. This is definitely a must read." *****


"Chasing Pavements is like one of a kind. I loved the book. It touched me in such a way that I felt lost for a while without having Jamie and Mukti in my life. I can't believe that this is the author's first book; the way it's written is excellent. I was captured from the beginning of the story. A must read." *****


"Unputdownable!  I loved the London setting. The story is well told.  Neha has a way with descriptions that make the scenes really vivid.  The songs were a great mechanism to add to the story telling.  I look forward to reading Neha's other work but I hope I don't have to wait too long!" *****


"I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a different kind of love story.  The author has a way of pulling you into the story and keeping you there until the end.  I found myself caring for the characters, especially Mukti, who goes through a lot.  I enjoyed this book a lot and couldn't forget about it after I finished reading it.  Touching, moving, unique love story." *****


"A good read." ***** 

Book Details

Length: 110,000 words
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Clean Romance / Diverse Romance / Interracial Romance / Romantic Drama / Women’s Fiction

Mood: Inspirational / Feel Good / Coming of Age / Dark

Content: Sexy but No explicit sex scenes / No erotica

Audience: New Adult & College / Adult / Female Readers

Recommended for: Readers that enjoy romance novels with serious issues and characters with depth. This is a story about life, love, friendship, family, music, art, destiny and soul mates.

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