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If Mukti was a Songwriter... [inc. spoilers]

If Mukti wrote songs, she might write the below lyrics after first seeing Jamie by the Needle Sculpture:

Your Face
I saw your face
In a crowd
And it took me by surprise
That I couldn't take my eyes off your face.
And even though
Your pretty eyes
They take me to great heights
I should still recognise all your grace.
And in the dark
I see your blue eyes
Turning into fire
I'm only in the light when you're here.

And perhaps this song after getting to know him a little...

You have the face of an angel
But your lips never smile.
Your features are all in pain
And that hurts my eyes.
But your eyes are like the ocean on a beautiful bright summer day
They are the staircase right down to your soul.
Yet, you never open them, when I want to walk through
Still, I can feel the pain and the fire that's burning you.
Can't you see?
I want to burn with you too.
Let the hurt and the anger char me through.
Don't you understand?
I want it to kill me like it's killing you.
I wanna die if you do.
So, let me through.

Finally, this song when [warning, spoiler alert!] she learns about Jamie's affair with Sarah:

I left my heart on your doorstep.
Left my life as I knew it.
Left it all
I just had to do it. 
But there was a whole lot more to it.
Because I realised that moment
I'm not meant to have you
In any way
Not one part of you.
I'm not meant to love you
But I still do
And always would.
See, I've never been living.
Only you could make me real.
Gave me a reason for breathing.
Fought the demons away.
But you're already broken
And I'm not meant to fix it.
Night after night, I dream of her with you
And it breaks me
And I try to forget it.
Because I know in my heart that
I'm not meant to have you
In any way
Not one part of you.
I'm not meant to love you
But I still do
And always would.

Chasing Pavements in Pictures

If you have never visited London, or are unfamiliar with some of the locations mentioned in Chasing Pavements, watch the YouTube video, Chasing Pavements in Pictures, to get a quick glipmse of the setting.  

Sorry there's no music, but if you play it the same time as this Adele video on YouTube, you'll find they match up quite nicely.

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