Thursday, 27 September 2012

Diesel's Top Selling Indie Romance eBooks

Guess what I just stumbled upon by accident?

Chasing Pavements is currently holding the No.23 position on Diesel eBook Store's Top Selling Indie Romance eBooks chart.  Below is the snippet I took from the site to immortalise the moment:

I noticed the new option of "Romance Indies" on Diesel's "Top Downloads" section of the website a few days ago, but I didn't bother clicking it.  There was no way Chasing Pavements would be on that list!  It felt like it would be tempting fate, getting carried away.

So, I'm not entirely sure why I clicked on it today, why I scrolled down the page - I definitely wasn't expecting to see my book amongst the bestselling 50 indie romance ebooks on Diesel.

But there it was at 23.  This is out of the ~8,200 priced indie romance books on the retailer's site!  I wonder if its been higher?  

The book at No.24 was published by New York Times bestselling author Bella Andre (who is holding top slot with another one of her novels), so its nice to be in such good company.  Nice to be on any bestseller list, a real dream come true.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

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