Friday, 27 May 2016

Reacting to Negative Reviews - Part II

Q: Have any reviews made you cry?

A: No. Luckily, I haven't (yet!) seen a review that has upset me to such an extent that I went all teary. I've seen some reviews on Goodreads of books that I've read (and liked!) where I really felt for the author, going as far as saying that no one deserves that kind of cyber-bashing.

However, I do groan when I see reviews that include spoilers, especially if it's plot twists designed to surprise readers mid-way through the book. What's worse is when the ending is revealed - I don't read books if I know beforehand how it ends, and I don't expect my readers to either.

Q: Have any reviews made you laugh?

A: There was a reader that insisted "vampires don't sparkle!" I haven't been lucky enough to meet the vampires that proved this point :) I prefer the vampires in my imagination to glitter like diamonds in the sunlight - but that's just me and my imagination. I know vampires don't exist in real life. Really.

There are a couple of reviews on iTunes/iBooks Australia which claim my books have spelling mistakes everywhere. I admit there were a few minor spelling
mistakes in the first upload of these books, which I corrected immediately and re-loaded - even traditionally published books have a few errors here and there - but I know it wasn't spelling mistakes galore. It's most likely the British English spelling of certain words - we use the letter s instead of z in some words, we have u's when some countries don't.

Q: Do any of the bad reviews make you wish you did something differently? 

A: I'd like to go back to 2012 and change a lot of things, the main thing being holding off on publishing the Poison Blood books until I'd written the entire series. I didn't know when I published them that my life would turn upside down soon after and leave me no time or peace of mind to continue with my writing.

If I'd known, I wouldn't have published those books and made the readers who loved them wait so long for the next instalment - they're still waiting and I'm really sorry :(

I'll be even sorrier if the fans of the first two books have completely forgotten about Ellie by the time I release Book 3.

Would I change my vampires' skin-type? It would up a lot of the 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-star reviews where readers have rated it down specifically due to the vampire mythology.

My answer is: No.

I went with this type of immortal blood-drinker because it makes most sense to me, and I stayed true to my beliefs. Its all about the story and the personalities in the book, and it's too bad that some readers will judge my characters based on their skin and physical appearance. But that is one of the realities I have to face as an author and I'm okay with it.

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