Monday, 26 September 2016

Don't Read My Books If...

Don't read my books if...

You're looking for something with a Fifty Shades of Grey feel.

You get uncomfortable if the story has twists-and-turns.

You don't like it if authors surprise you with events that you don't predict.

You won't like it if the characters act in a way that you yourself might not in the same situation (that's not to say the characters act out of character for the 'shock value').

You don't enjoy it if the characters react to certain events differently to characters in books by other authors that deal with similar issues.

You prefer the characters to annoy you by making silly decisions that don't make sense.

You'd rather not get attached to the characters and care for them.

You don't like vivid scenes (happy, sad or disturbing ones) and characters that feel real.

Otherwise, you can download my books from your favourite e-book stores now: 

Contemporary romance series, the Soulmates Saga. 

Start with Book 1, Chasing Pavements, available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, iBooks and B&N Nook

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Paranormal/urban fantasy series, the Poison Blood series.

The first two books are free to download and the last two are releasing this Halloween (available to pre-order now!). Order each book for only $0.99 now, as the cost will return to the normal price of $1.49 after release.

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  1. Just a fun post, a departure from the usual 'why you should read my books' posts :)