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Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

*** Please note, there will be a few minor spoilers in this post for the Throne of Glass series. ***

1. Name a popular book/series that you didn't like: AND I DARKEN ~ Kiersten White

I just couldn't get into this book, couldn't bring myself to care about the characters. I was just bored during the whole read.

2. Name a book/series that you love but others hate: THE FIFTH WAVE ~ Rick Yancey

I absolutely loved everything about this series, it had everything I want in an YA novel. And remember, dystopia is not my favourite genre to read, so the fact that I adored this series is saying a LOT! When I recalled hearing about how a lot of readers hated this series, I wondered if I'd heard wrong, asked myself whether it was another series they were talking about...

3. A popular 'ship' you're not on board with: CHAOL & CELEANA from Throne of Glass Series ~ Sarah J. Maas

Maybe it's because I liked the other love interest better for our beautiful but deadly assassin Celeana, or because I just didn't like Chaol as a character, but I just didn't get on board with this ship AT ALL.

4. Name a popular genre you don't like/reach for: SPACE OPERA

Not much to say here. Just not into anything to do with being in outer space, which I assume is what this genre is about? Right?

5. Name a popular character you didn't like: CHAOL - THRONE OF GLASS SERIES ~ Sarah J Maas & SEBASTIAN - MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES ~ Cassandra Clare

a) As mentioned above, I didn't like Chaol as a character, even from the beginning of the first book ~ I thought he was rather dull actually, and even though he's supposed to be in his early twenties, I couldn't help but picture a middle aged man whenever I read from his POV. And then in later books, he didn't help himself by behaving the way he did, and I disliked him even more. Sorry Chaol fans!

b) As for Sebastian from the Mortal Instruments series... I know a lot of Shadowhunter fans really like his character and think that he's a great villain, but I'm afraid I didn't like him at all, as a character or as a villain. I'm one of those readers that appreciates a good antagonist, but I didn't think Sebastian was that great. 

6. Name a popular author you can't get into: ???

Can't think of an author for this category. Perhaps because I don't try, or haven't had the chance to try, other books by an author I couldn't get into when I first read them?

There is one author that comes to mind though, but I don't think they're traditionally published or a bestselling author, so perhaps not relevant to this question as it's asking about popular authors that I can't get into... Anyway, the author is Odette C. Bell. I downloaded a bunch of her free books ~ all series openers that had amazingly pretty covers ~ but none of them could hold on to my interest or attention beyond the first chapters.


a) I know some might think me insensitive that I don't like the foster care background, and I'm sorry if this offends anyone, because it is an important issue to be aware of. There are indeed too many books where the main character is from a traditional nuclear family, or if they've lost their parents, they live with loving/not so loving relatives.

The thing is though, I've read quite a few books where the main character is out of foster care and the narrative just seems so similar, the characters' personalities almost identical. It might be that these similar traits can be attributed to the fact that they'd grown up in care, but I'm just bored of this. Sorry. Hey, this is an 'unpopular opinions book tag', after all :)

b) A long-term bookish pet peeve of mine: every book I've read where the man cheats on his wife, the wife is portrayed as a nag, bossy, or just all-round bad wife. Or the marriage is on the rocks. Every book with an extra-marital affair!

This isn't specific to books. Films do it, too. And I'm just fed up and bored of this. Every book I've read in the last few years where a married man has an affair with another woman ~ and I'm not talking about one-night stands, but an actual affair; you know, sneaking around, meeting in hotels, secret texts and calls etc. ~ it is when the wife is bossy or nagging or doesn't understand or appreciate him. Basically, the marriage is on the rocks or heading there, and so the husband seeks solace in another woman's arms.

I guess authors do this so that the readers don't hate the male lead too much, so they sympathise with him even when he's doing something very wrong ~ "Can you blame him? His wife was horrible to him!" ~ but does it have to be like that in every book where there's an affair?

I'm sure there are one or two books where a husband or a wife stumbles into an extra-marital affair even when they are quite happily married to a loving spouse ~ and I'm sure it happens in real life, too ~ but I just haven't read one like that.

8. Name a popular series you have no plans to read: GAME OF THRONES  ~ George R.R. Martin

No interest whatsoever in reading these books, and not because I watch the TV show. No, don't watch the show, though my husband's a big fan. I tried. I really did. But after two episodes, I had no desire to watch anymore. Perhaps I'd bigged it up too much in my head because of the hype and how everyone at work loved it. I just couldn't get into it. Don't shoot me. 

9. Name a book-to-film adaptation that was better than the book: HUNGER GAMES  ~ Suzanne Collins

I'd read the books first, and I enjoyed them. I didn't love them, but the fact that I finished the trilogy, when dystopia isn't a go-to genre for me, when I read these books at a time when I hardly gave dystopian reads a go, it was saying something about the books. No wonder it got adapted into great films.

And the films are great! I loved them. Even though I knew what would happen, which always reduces my enjoyment of films and books, I loved everything about the films. I liked Katniss in the films, whereas I'd sort of almost kinda hated her in the books. And the music, the soundtracks to the films, so good. It's probably the only adaptation I liked more than the books. Although, I thought the Gone Girl film (book by Gillian Flynn) was very close to being as good as the book.

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