Confessions of an #IndieAuthor

These are a series of posts (from most recently posted to oldest) based on my personal experiences and how they have influenced my writing and publishing journey. As I write more of these 'confessions', I'll add them to the top of this page.

I Would Never Write...

A short and sweet post on what types of books I would never write. Start reading

10 Things About Me & My Books That You Might Not Know

This post is basically what it says on the tin... Start reading

How #Twilight Changed My Life & Why I'm Proud To Be A #Twihard

This post is really about what triggered the impulse to write again and how I got from not writing anything creative for a whole decade to writing 4 books in the space of two years. Twilight played a huge role in this and really did change my life.... Continue reading

When Life Imitates Art ~ An Author's Tale
Imagine writing when it kills you to sit down. When your lower back aches and throbs, feels sore. Burns. When it feels like your bones are falling apart, hanging loose inside your skin. Imagine having to sit in an office for eight or nine hours every weekday and then hope to go home and do a bit of writing. Then groaning because that includes more sitting. More pain and discomfort.... Continue reading

When Life Becomes Stranger Than Fiction ~ An Author's Story

(From May 2013) Some authors live amazing lives and share them with the world through their writing. Others inhabit a quieter existence, but their imagination and creativity creates the most riveting of stories. Personally, I always thought my life was pretty simple, drama-free. Yes, I’d had my issues, and recent years have been particularly emotional, but it’s only in the last few months that my life has really been swept up in whirlwind of drama, chaos and pain.... Continue reading

Chasing Pavements, Arabian Nights Style

My husband doesn’t read books. Like most men in my family, he’d rather watch a film or play on his SmartPhone. To this day, he still hasn’t read any of my books. Ours was an arranged marriage, so he didn’t know I was a writer (or an aspiring one at the least), he had no idea that I'd self-published a few e-books (at the time I’d published Chasing Pavements and PoisonBlood, Book 1: Revelation and PoisonBlood, Book 2: Absolution).  And I didn’t know how to tell him.... Continue reading

The Story Behind Chasing Pavements

I wrote this post when it was the two-year anniversary of me first starting writing my debut novel Chasing Pavements (Soulmates Saga, Book 1) and felt like sharing the story behind how it came about. Start reading this post

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