Monday, 17 September 2012

Book Review - Poison Blood, Book 1: Revelation

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Book: Poison Blood, Book 1: Revelation
Author: Neha Yazmin
Reviewer: Smashwords/Amazon customer
Rating: 5 stars
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"I don't know what blood tastes like to a human.  I'd never even licked a tiny drop of it from a pricked finger, let alone suck on a bleeding cut.  The shedding of blood, my own, or anyone else's, always made me scream or panic in fear and revulsion.  Now it's my only food source."

Elisia Dalton, more commonly known as Ellie, is not a typical teenaged vampire.  She still has her humanity and conscience.  Her human memories and growing pains.  And the same distaste for blood.

Still reeling from the secrets she uncovered before she was turned into a vampire by the mysterious immortal Christian, Ellie is also finding it hard to come to terms with what she has become.  And the revelations keep coming.

Book one of the Poison Blood series reveals why Ellie is not like others of her kind.

Coming to terms with her new life is hard for Ellie.  She is a moody seventeen year old, living rough on the streets of London.  Still hurt from the revelation of her mother’s secret, Ellie longs for a childhood that she never had. Oh yeah, and did I mention she is a vampire?

I have to admit I was sceptical at first.  Being a novel about vampires, my first thought was ‘I hope it’s not another Twilight knock-off!’  But actually I was pleasantly surprised.  This is definitely not a soppy vampire romance novel!  If anything, it is a coming-of-age story.  It is her past that Ellie finds difficult to come to terms with, not her present.  But if she wants to move on in her new life, her past is the very thing that she has to accept…

I don’t want to give too much away, but as usual with Neha Yazmin’s novels, things are never as they seem.  Just as Ellie comes to terms with one secret, she finds out that her mother was hiding so much more.  Much much more!

I really enjoyed reading this novel.  I loved the way the puzzle pieces of Ellie’s life unfold.  Just as you think you have a grip on what’s happening, Neha drops more bombshells to keep you guessing (and the pages turning!).  If I have one complaint, it is that Book 1 ended just as I was really getting into it.  I hope that Book 2 is released soon.   I have a taste for blood - Poison Blood that is!  Please publish the next book soon!