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The Soulmates Saga

The Soulmates Saga (Chasing Pavements, Make You Feel My Love & Someone Like You)

Meet the soulmates....


Musician....  Introverted....  Loner....  Elusive....


Young professional....  Inspirational....  Intriguing....  Damaged....

Both are huanted by the past....

Trapped in the present.....

Afraid of the future....

Two fading stars....   

What happens when they collide? 

Would you recognize true love if you saw it, or would you just keep Chasing Pavements? 

To introverted and socially withdrawn singer and songwriter Jamie York, life has no meaning unless childhood love Sarah returns to him. Roaming through life without living it, shutting the world out, he has long since given up on a potential career in music.

It is only when he meets the unexpectedly inspirational Mukti that Jamie is lured out of the black hole he has banished himself to for years.  Suddenly, his creativity knows no bounds and he feels torn - he has to see her, but what will she make of his tortured soul?

Little does he know that Mukti has her own secrets and is just as troubled a soul as he is.  Her name translates as ‘freedom’ in her native tongue Bengali, but she is anything but free...

Torn between his unconditional love for Sarah, and his undeniable need for Mukti, Jamie’s life is in far more chaos than ever before. And when his estranged mother Tanya becomes intent on sabotaging his relationship with Mukti, Jamie stands to lose the two women he cannot live without.

Set in contemporary London, Chasing Pavements is a unique love story between two unique characters who will stay with you after you have turned the last page.

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If you thought finding your soulmate was the hard part, think again. Chasing Pavements continues....

After a tumultuous year, star-crossed lovers Mukti and Jamie have finally resolved their personal issues and are starting a new life together in New York City. Mukti has found her calling in life and Jamie’s music career is taking off.

But as all this brings new obligations and responsibilities, their love is once again put to the test.  The sequel to Chasing Pavements unravels even more secrets and lies which threaten to split them apart forever.

Read an excerpt at the Amazon Kindle Store here, or download the first 20% of Make You Feel My Love for free from Smashwords here.

The story continues in Someone Like You....
What if you had to choose between your soulmate and saviour?

Mukti, Jamie and Jonny are unable to untangle themselves from each others’ lives. Jamie loves Mukti more than anything. She is his soulmate. He has lost her too many times, lived without her for too long, to know that he doesn’t want anyone but her.

Jonny feels the same way about Mukti. But he is aware that, despite the fact that she has chosen to start a new life with him in London, his journey with her could, at any time, come to an abrupt end.

Mukti believes Jamie is her soulmate. Being his life partner however, is something she isn’t ready for. The sacrifices she would have to make in order to be with him ask too much of her.

With heartache and bliss twisting with jealousy and hatred, the past colliding with the present, which path will Mukti be thrown onto - the one that cements her relationship with her saviour Jonny, or the one that leads her back to her soulmate Jamie?

Someone Like You is the epic third instalment of the Soulmates Saga, which sees Mukti and her loves facing the toughest tests yet.

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Someone Like You is releasing July 27, 2016.
Available to pre-order from iBooks and B&N Nook at a low introductory price of $0.99, so pre-order your copy now as the cost will return to its normal price after release!
Amazon will let you pre-order it from May 2016.

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