Thursday, 14 January 2016

Books I Read in 2015

We're two weeks into 2016, and I haven't started a new book yet, eek! And though I currently have five books on my to-read shelf (all by husband and wife writing duo Nicci French), I doubt I'll be able to make a start on them this week. Or next. 

Reason: I have some important work to do for me... More on that another day. Today, lets take a look back at all the books I read last year.

One of the authors I discovered in 2015 was Stella Rimington. Former Director General of MI5, no wonder her spy novels are rich in detail and so gripping. The Geneva Trap was the first spy novel I ever read and it made me hungry for more books in this genre. Also at the start of the year, I got hooked on Jeffrey Archer's Clifton Chronicles, after reading the first book in the series, Only Time Will Tell. I loved each and every one the volumes in this family saga, which charts 100 years of the Clifton/Barrington family. I am looking forward to the next book, set to release next month, Cometh The Hour.


By the second half of the year, I'd gotten obsessed, like in my late teens and early adult life, with crime novels. I can't explain it. I mean, I write contemporary romance and a little bit of paranormal romance/adventure, but I find myself reading ten times more crime fiction than the genres I write for. And I can't even attribute it to research and interest in learning how to write detective novels, because, quite frankly, I don't think I'm clever enough to write a whodunit!

If you haven't yet deduced from the snapshot above and the one below, the most-read author in 2015 was Harlan Coben. I just adore his fast-paced crime thrillers that always have a twist at the end that you don't see coming. One of the things I like best about his books are that they are almost always set in the Tri-State region, i.e. the New York metropolitan area (New Jersey, Connecticut and of course, the state of New York), and some key characters from one book, make cameo appearances in others. Coben's Myron Bolitar series is my favourite of course, but his standalone novels, in which Myron gets mentioned every now and then, are equally good.

So that just leaves me to tell you what I am hoping to read in 2016. More Harlan Coben! More paranormal romace - the good quality stuff, and hopefully discover more crime-writers. Also, I started the Lux series towards the end of 2015, with the first two books Obsidian and Onyx, and I'm going to check out the rest of the books focusing on Katy and her alien neighbours next door. It's sort of like Twilight with aliens. But hey, if the formula works, it works, and makes great reading, so why knock it? I won't, if its this good.

Visit my blog in the next few weeks for a sneak-peek at what I'm up to. Until then, bye for now.

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