Friday, 27 July 2012

Chasing Pavements Giveaway

There are a few things to celebrate this summer (apart from finally getting some sun and heat in London when it seemed for so long that we’d been robbed of summer!).  First, publishing my book Chasing Pavements at the end of June, and over the course of July seeing it get listed in the various e-book retailers.  At the time of writing, the following online e-book stores are selling Chasing Pavements:

The second celebratory event is the two-year anniversary of me first starting Chasing Pavements.  I began writing the book on August 1, 2010 so it’s nice that this coincides with the one-month anniversary of Chasing Pavements first being published.

It’s also my birthday on July 27 (and the Olympics start on this very day too - exciting!) so to celebrate all these occasions, Chasing Pavements will be available to download for free from Smashwords from July 27 until July 31.

Full details are on the book page:

Thank you all for your support and kind words, and I hope this is a little something I can give back to you to convey my gratitude!

Neha xXx

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