Tuesday, 17 January 2017

#BookReview no.3 on CHASING PAVEMENTS (#SoulmatesSaga Book 1)

If you haven't downloaded Chasing Pavements yet, or have but have yet to begin reading, hopefully this review by book blogger @RosieReview will convince you to delve in. Let's start with the blurb and cover:

Book: Chasing Pavements (Soulmates Saga, Book 1)
Author: Neha Yazmin
Reviewer: RosieReview
Rating: 5 stars
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Would you recognise true love if you saw it?

Singer and songwriter Jamie York is suffering from writer's block. When he meets Mukti, suddenly his creativity knows no bounds and he feels torn. He has to keep seeing her, but what will she make of his tortured soul?

Little does he know that Mukti has her own secrets and is just as troubled as he is. Her name translates as 'freedom' in her native tongue Bengali, but she is anything but free.

Recent graduate Mukti Khan has started a new job in the City and is determined to work hard and keep others at bay. All that changes after a chance encounter with the mysterious Jamie. He fascinates her like no one ever has and she just has to get to know him better.

But is truly capable of letting him in?

As an unlikely friendship develops between the two, will Jamie and Mukti be able to help each other come to terms with their pasts and move forward together, or do some ghosts haunt us forever?

Set in contemporary London, Chasing Pavements is a unique love story between two unique characters that will stay with you long after you have turned the last page.


"Now I wouldn’t put this book in the chick lit genre – I don’t know which it fits in.  Maybe Romance but without the sloppy/mills and boon aspect you expect from a Romance Novel.

Chasing Pavements is like one of a kind.  I can’t believe that this is the author’s first book, the way it’s written is excellent.  I was captured from the beginning of this story about Jamie and Mukti.

In the beginning I hated Jamie, I thought he was a selfish arrogant arse.  So selfish when he was hiding from Mukti – he was allowed to use her memory to get his “hit”.  Where she religiously everyday goes to the spot where they first met hoping to see him again.  But I suppose he got his comeuppance and I grew to love him towards the end.  I loved how Neha dragged out Jamie’s and Mukti’s secrets.

My favourite bit would be the ending – as you probably know by now I like a book that finishes well.  Especially if it’s a book I’ve enjoyed so much, you spend so much time with the characters, getting to know them, almost care for them and if a book doesn’t end well I feel a bit cheated and lost when I get to the end.  But I loved the ending to Chasing Pavements.  I won’t go on too much as I don’t like to have spoilers in my reviews; but everything got tied up nicely in my opinion.

I’m rating this book as a must read!"

Also, check out this lovely review from author I.C. Camilleri and check out her books here. Her characters are just as interesting and complex as the ones in the Soulmates Saga. Even though I read The Blake Soul a few years back, I can still remember the story and some scenes are still vivid in my memory! I can't explain how I feel about her liking my book :)

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