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Monday 26 July 2021

Thatcher’s Thoughts

Based on the career Mukti ended up becoming successful in, I thought I’d pay tribute to the character—or some would say “non-character”—that nudged her in that direction: Thatcher, the teacher of her evening art classes. So, as part of the five-year anniversary celebrations, I’m sharing this snippet from
Soulmates Saga Book 2 where we get his POV. I’m sure Mukti would mention him in her Acknowledgments, too *wink*

Sure, this might seem odd to some: Why give a POV section to a non-character, someone that isn’t involved in driving the plot? Well, I actually do this in my third person POV books when I need to give readers an unbiased assessment of something, something the key characters won’t be able to provide, not honestly.

All the POV characters in the second book of this Saga are heavily invested in Mukti and care about her deeply. As such, their opinions on her artwork would be biased and positively glowing. The reader might not trust their judgment. Mukti herself would be an even worse judge of her abilities because she has self-doubt and confidence issues when it comes to her art. I decided that her art teacher would be the best person to relay all this—and more—to the reader, so that when her success came, the reader would know she was gifted.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 4: Calling :) Remember, you can get all three books for the price of one this week (the bundle is under 3.99, actually) from your favourite ebook stores. >>Click to buy<<

Thatcher knew he was a great teacher, but he was an even better artist. He also recognised talent when he saw it—and he saw it in this girl Mukti. She always sat at the back of the art class and never spoke up, but he knew she was the brightest, the most gifted student in the class. Art is her calling. Mukti wanted to learn her craft, hone her skills, become an artist, he could tell. 

Interestingly, when he told them in their first lesson that he would teach them how to become an artist, Mukti seemed the most sceptical. Clearly, she didn’t think people could become artists—you either were or you weren’t. Thatcher agreed. Not everyone has the gift. But, Thatcher believed, especially in this day and age when beauty really was in the eye of the beholder, since all humans with rational thought were capable of having at least one interesting thing to say, they could sell art. To the right buyer, of course.

Walking around the high school’s largest art classroom, a table of random objects in the centre and easels and students arranged around it, Thatcher didn’t think he could help any of his pupils sell anything resembling art in the near future. Not based on what he saw on their canvases. At Mukti’s work area, however… She had great drawing skills, her shading and capturing of light was excellent, she had a good eye for proportions, and was way ahead of the class.

“Mukti.” His greeting made her jump. Lost in the moment of creation

“Sorry, Thatcher. I didn’t see you there.”

He smiled at the pretty face and sighed. His long pony-tailed strawberry-blonde hair, round face, and grey eyes didn’t do much for Mukti, so he returned to inspecting her drawing. Besides, she has a boyfriend. When Thatcher saw him drop her off on the first day, his initial thought was, Doesn’t he own a comb?

“Impressive.” Thatcher used his college professor tone as he spoke.

“Thanks.” Her voice shook and pink bloomed on her cheeks—another sign of self-doubt. “But I’m very slow.”

“Better to take the time and get it right. How’s the journal coming along?”

“I haven’t been able to focus on the diary…” She looked guilty. The pink on her cheeks deepened, making obvious what had kept her from her journal. The boyfriend

“I suggest you make more effort with that, Mukti, particularly if you’re serious about art. I told you I think you have potential.”

“I will.” But she didn’t assure him that she was serious about art.

Thatcher knew what this meant: She didn’t know if she was good enough. Did that boyfriend not encourage and compliment her? Did they just lock themselves in the bedroom every night? I suppose I can’t blame them. They were young and beautiful and in love. Life rarely got better than that.

Thursday 3 June 2021

Upcoming Release: Fire to the Sea

This is just as much a surprise to me as it is to you: I have a new book up for pre-order now, wow! Fire to the Sea (Heir to the Throne #2.1) will come out on July 3rd, 2021—on the one-year anniversary of the release of Keys to the Realm (Heir to the Throne #3).

This project is one of the two pieces I put together to celebrate this milestone. Really, it’s a belated celebration of this trilogy, something I didn’t feel like doing last year due to the pandemic. I’m glad I feel like commemorating it now because there’s actually a lot to celebrate about this series:

1️⃣It was the first story idea I got after my son was born in December 2017.

2️⃣It was the first new story I started writing after my son was born.

3️⃣It’s the first epic fantasy series I’ve written in my adult life.

4️⃣It was the first series I managed to write from start to finish without any significant delays, which basically means I didn’t have any personal crises or tragedies to deal with during the two years it took to write it. 

5️⃣It was the first series I managed to publish in the same year.

6️⃣The third book in the trilogy hit no.1 in its category at Apple Books Australia on release day thanks to pre-orders. My older books have hit no.1 before at Apple Books (which only has seven fiction categories compared to the thousands at Amazon), but they didn’t debut at no.1.

7️⃣Three people bought the print editions of these books, which never happens with my paperbacks! I only create print editions so I can have a copy on my bookshelf LOL.

8️⃣Two libraries in the US bought this series in ebook format. Wow! I’m so grateful to the readers that requested this series at their local library—thank you, whoever you are!

So yeah, a lot of things to celebrate. And how does a writer celebrate their writing milestones? With more writing, of course! Haha.

What’s with the “2.1”? I hear you ask. Well, Fire to the Sea is a collection of key scenes from Book 1 and 2 of this trilogy from Wyett’s point of view and includes a bonus scene that’s not in the main series. It’s for fans that want an extra glimpse into Wyett’s head through those scenes (so it’s not compulsory reading), it doesn’t follow on from the events of Book 2, and of course, it has spoilers for the first two books in the series.

Readers discovering this epic fantasy trilogy after July 3rd will have the option to read Fire to the Sea after Book 2 if they want, though it can also be enjoyed by readers that have previously finished all three books. 

This will be the cover (and blurb) on release day; the existing cover at the retailers is to match the H1 2021 editions of the Heir to the Throne Trilogy covers⬇️

“I don’t break hearts, only bones.”

Fire to the Sea is a collection of key scenes from Book 1 and Book 2 of the Heir to the Throne Trilogy from Wyett’s point of view and includes a bonus scene that does not feature in the trilogy.

This bundle is not compulsory reading and does not follow on from the events of Book 2. It includes spoilers for the first two books in the series and therefore should be read after Book 2, though it can also be enjoyed by readers that have finished all three books.


Prince Wyett and his siblings, Seth and Quin, are waiting for their father in the Throne Room. King Keyan has just returned from Sidkat Castle after attending to some business in the South—but he has brought someone with him. Who is this stranger with golden skin and eyes that look like water shot with silver? And what does Wyett think of her?


It’s the King’s birthday and as per tradition, the Court is celebrating it with the Harmony Dance. Which means Wyett has to dress up as an angel for the lavish ball and dance. With her. It could not possibly go well. 


What happened after Wyett introduced the flaming feathers to the newest member of his father’s Court?


The finding ceremony at Moon Lake during the harvest festival has always been the bane of Wyett’s existence. Tonight, he is in a particularly bad mood because his little brother seems to be upset about what Wyett’s future might hold. The only thing that would make the night worse for Wyett would be if he had to dance with her. Or would it?


Wyett didn’t know that the legends of the Isle of the Damned were actually true—and he might end up losing something he never had because of the cursed Dead Forest.

Also from July 2021, readers of Keys to the Realm will be able to read the scene that takes place immediately after the Epilogue. I always know what happens after The End of all my series so I thought I’d share this with my readers as part of the one-year anniversary celebrations. Here’s a little sneak peek of the cover for this short:

And of course, 
Curse to the Kingdom (Heir to the Throne #0.1) is still free to download; you can get into this series with this novelette:

Apple Books


B&N Nook

Or read an excerpt >>here<<

That’s it from me now. Have a great weekend and I’ll speak to you soon.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Book Review: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

I finished reading Midnight Sun a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t post a review because I don’t think it will be useful to potential readers and I didn’t give it a rating on Goodreads because I had no idea how to go about rating it.

Midnight Sun is Twilight (Twilight Saga #1) from Edward’s POV, right? Well, I’ve read Twilight over 20 times. I’ve read the entire Saga over 10 times. I read the leaked chapters of Midnight Sun over 5 times. I devoured everything Stephenie shared about the characters, esp. Edward, and obviously watched the films loads of times for Robert Pattinson.

As such, Midnight Sun was so familiar to me; it felt like I was reading a book I’ve read many times already and I can’t measure how much I enjoyed each chapter/section of the book—it would be unfair to measure it because it’s not the book’s fault that I was obsessed with this series. A lot of the new scenes didn’t feel that new because Edward mentioned a lot of them in the other books, and so they felt familiar, too.

YET from the baseball game onwards, OMG, I was totally hooked!! During the action sequences following the match, I was on the edge of my seat, wondering, gasping, hoping everything would be alright. Like I know how it ended but my heart was still pounding and I felt as though I didn’t know what would happen. So damn gripping!! Like Stephenie Meyer did that. She did that to me. Any old author can’t pull that off for me. I wanted the rest of the Saga in Edward’s POV, afterwards. So, that segment was 5-stars, hands down. 

It’s just really difficult to rate how much I enjoyed the rest of it. The familiar scenes are 4-stars? The really familiar ones are 3-stars? How am I supposed to average it out and give an overall rating for the whole book? Not gonna do it.

I will say this though: How happy am I that this book was published? 5-star level happiness. How happy am I to have read this book? 5-star level happiness. For that, and for everything else your books have done for me, Stephenie, thank you so much.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Book Review: Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare

This will be a short review. I can’t say much without spoilers and if I were to write down how I felt about Chain of Iron, it would almost be an identical review to the one I posted for Book 1 of The Last Hours Trilogy, Chain of Gold, which you can read here.

The few additional comments I have (that I can dare share), are below:

I loved that we got a few new POVs in this one, yay. And dammit, the special art within is gorgeous!

I wish there were more than a few paragraphs from Matthew’s POV—because I absolutely love this character! But I understand why his POV was limited; still, being a Matthew stan, I couldn’t help hoping for his POV section to be longer. 

I said I wanted to give Chain of Gold 500-stars because I loved it 500 times more than Lord of Shadows, which I rated 5-stars, making it my favourite Shadowhunter book ever (until Chain of Gold). While reading Chain of Iron, I loved it and enjoyed it as much as Book 1, so I was ready to dole out another 500 stars.

But then I read the final chapter.

“No,” I said. “I don’t think I can give Chain of Iron 500 stars.” This chapter. My gosh. I. Absolutely. Freakin’. Loved. It. Enjoyed it so so much. “Yes!” I kept saying while I read. “Yes, yes, yes.” It felt a bit like how the Epilogue of Clockwork Princess elevated that book for me from a 2.5-star rating to a 3-star—but on a much more colossal scale. So, yeah, what I’m saying is I want to give Chain of Iron 600 freakin’ stars.

The only downside is that I have to wait a year till the next—and final—book in the series comes out. Suddenly, reading this book as soon as it came out, and so quickly, isn’t looking like a great decision LOL. A decision I can’t regret, of course.

I said this book would probably kill me and it might just be a slow and painful year-long death for me as I wait for Chain of Thorns. If you’ve received your copy: What are you waiting for? Go read it. Now.

And here’s a bonus review:

Nothing but Shadows (novella by Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan)

admit, I had no intention of reading Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. After reading Chain of Gold, however, I was very eager to read Nothing but Shadows. I really wanted to see how my now-beloved Merry Thieves bonded at the Academy. And for more of Matthew. And of course, more James. And whatever Easter eggs the authors may have hidden in it for The Last Hours Trilogy. I think Matthew and James might be my favourite fictional Best Friends? Definitely my favourite parabatai.

No surprises here: I had so much fun reading this! I laughed out loud at some of the interactions between the key characters and I couldn’t wait to follow them into Chain of Iron! Loved it.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

My Writing & Publishing Timeline (because I’m starting to forget the dates)

Mid-90s: Started writing my first full-length “novel”.

Late 90s: The beginning of my first “writer’s block”, which lasted around 10 years! 

↪️Storytime post: >That Time I Had Writer’s Block. For 10 Years<

August 1, 2010: Started writing Soulmates Saga #1, four days after my 26th birthday.

↪️More details in this post >The Story Behind Soulmates Saga #1<

H1 2011: Wrote Soulmates Saga #2 and started writing the Poison Blood Series.

H1 2012: Started writing Soulmates Saga #3, worked on the Poison Blood Series in parallel.

June 30, 2012: Published Soulmates Saga #1 🥳🥳🥳

August 26, 2012: Published Vampire Revelation (Poison Blood #1) 🥳🥳🥳

October 1, 2012: Published Vampire Absolution (Poison Blood #1.5. Only available to subscribers) 🥳🥳🥳

December 2012: The beginning of another “writer’s block”, which lasted almost three years.

↪️Storytime post: >This Is Why I Almost Didn’t Become An Indie Author<

November 26, 2015: Finished writing a Soulmates Saga #3.

↪️Read what happened when my BFF read the first draft of this book >That Time My Best Friend Stopped Talking To Me Because of My Book<

Q1 2016: Finished writing Vampire Prophecy & Vampire Apocalypse (final books in the Poison Blood Series).

Q2 2016: Started writing the Witch’s Blood Series.

July 27, 2016: Published Soulmates Saga #3 🥳🥳🥳

Halloween 2016: Published final two instalments of Poison Blood Series 🥳🥳🥳

H2 2016: Wrote If I Say Yes (Love & Alternatives Duology #1) and started writing the conclusion, If I Say No.

↪️The first series I started writing after recovering from brain surgery >That Time Doctors Said I Could Die If I Sneezed<

May 15, 2017: Published If I Say Yes on Amazon 🥳🥳🥳

November 11, 2017: Published If I Say Yes at all other retailers 🥳🥳🥳

Q1 2018: Finished writing the first two books in the Witch’s Blood Series.

June 12, 2018: Published Witch’s Blood Series, Books 1 & 2 🥳🥳🥳

September 2018: Started writing the Heir to the Throne Trilogy.

February 4, 2020: Published Heir to the Throne #1 🥳🥳🥳

March 3, 2020: Published Heir to the Throne #2 🥳🥳🥳

April 2020: Wrote Curse to the Kingdom (An Heir to the Throne Companion Novelette).

July 3, 2020: Published Heir to the Throne #3 🥳🥳🥳

↪️This book hit no.1 in it’s category on release day >Release Day Ramblings<

H2 2020: Finished writing If I Say No.

September 4, 2020: Published Curse to the Kingdom 🥳🥳🥳

↪️My first high fantasy novelette >Read Excerpt Now<

January 29, 2021: Published If I Say No🥳🥳🥳

March 2021: Started new WIP, which may or may not go anywhere, we’ll see🤔

July 3, 2021: Published Fire to the Sea (Heir to the Throne #2.1)

September 15, 2021: Started new novel😊

November 20, 2021: Started new novel😊

February 15, 2022: Started plotting new novel😊

Thursday 28 January 2021

Book Review: Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

I flew through this book and finished it in under a week.

Three nights in a row, I read until 4am because I just didn’t want to put it down. Couldn’t put it down. Couldn’t leave the world and the characters that I fell so instantly in love with.

From the first page, I knew this book was going straight for my heart, and when I finished Chapter 1, it had gripped my heart quite tightly.

Chapter 2, and I knew my heart wouldn’t be in one piece when I was done with this book—and it wasn’t.

By the time I got to the end of Chapter 3, I knew I’d re-read it as soon as I finished it. I just knew. And you know what? I did. It’s just that good!

I loved it so much! Loved everything about it—every character, every sentence, every little thing. And the writing was amazing, of course. Cassandra Clare’s writing gets better and better with every book and in this one, it was faultless.

I gave Lord of Shadows 5-stars, my favourite Shadawhunter book ever; I wasn’t expecting to like Chain of Gold more than that because I always enjoy the second book in all her trilogies the most—and also because The Last Hours trilogy is the sequel series to The Infernal Devices trilogy, which is my least favourite trilogy in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. So, I want to give Chain of Gold more than 5-stars. Maybe 500 stars because I enjoyed it that much more than Lord of Shadows?

Here are some thoughts I had while reading and re-reading this book:

“I didn’t know this book included a trope I’ve been craving!”

“These boys and their friendship! I need more books with friendships like these!”

“Will’s not the only one that’s biased towards the Carstairs. All my favourite Shadowhunters are Carstairs!”

“I need Anna to send me some of those dresses!”

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for the sequel to come out, especially with the way things played out at the end, wondering if Book 2, Chain of Iron, would follow the pattern of being my favourite of the trilogy. “If so,” I thought, “it will be epic and I might just die.”

Read my review of the sequel >>here<<

New Release Ramblings

The conclusion to my Love & Alternatives Duology is out! Fans that pre-ordered If I Say No will soon find out how this two-part wedding romance is wrapped up.

For some, it’s been a very long wait and I’m reminded of the long gap between the release of the first books in my Poison Blood Series and Soulmates Saga (H2 2012) and the conclusion of those series (H2 2016). Luckily, fans of those series were happy with the finales. It might be a different story for this Duology. And I’m not afraid to admit that I’m very nervous right now. More nervous than I’ve been for any other sequel.

Readers that grew attached to the characters in this wedding romance or became invested in the story have an idea of what they hope and want to happen in the concluding part, what they think should happen, and what they think will happen. Some fans might be left feeling a little underwhelmed if the events in the book don’t align with their expectations and desires—especially as they’ve had so long to ponder on it—or if they just don’t like what happens, thus feel cheated out of the finale they were waiting for. I mean, my best friend stopped talking to me for a bit because things in my Soulmates Saga didn’t pan out the way she wanted them to. So yeah, I have plenty to be nervous about. Eek.

The only thing I can promise you is that the writing quality is heaps better in this book. I’ve written six books since writing If I Say Yes in 2016; I know I’ve improved. I understand the genre conventions much better now, too. I also had longer to work on If I Say No; it’s been a bigger labour of love than the first book. If fans don’t like the conclusion as much as they liked Book 1, at least I know it won’t be because the writing isn’t as good. We’ll see. Just keep an open mind, I suppose, and try to appreciate the story for what it is.

Why I Delayed Completing If I Say No
This book has been in my head for four years and it feels good to finally pull it out of my imagination and throw it onto the page. Some of you know why I didn’t finish writing If I Say No immediately after writing If I Say Yes, but most of you don’t. I think I owe you an explanation.

Quick answer: It looked as though no one read or liked If I Say Yes.

Within the first two of years its release (published in May 2017), If I Say Yes was downloaded by almost 10,000 readers on Amazon US alone (plus ~5,000 readers on Smashwords). Without any paid advertising. Before November 2019, however, there was only one positive review at Amazon US and one positive review at Amazon UK (4-star and a 5-star reviews, respectively). The other retailers didn’t have any reviews or ratings in that time. “No one’s reading it. No one liked it if they did read it. No one wants the sequel,” I assumed.

With my other free series starters—where there weren’t many reviews, either, but a lot of ratings at Apple Books and Nook—I could tell readers were enjoying them based on the paid sales of the sequels. I mean, they wouldn’t pay $3.99 for a sequel to a book they didn’t like, right? Because If I Say Yes didn’t have a published sequel, I had no way of determining reader sentiment and assumed the worst. As a lot of writers are prone to do *shrug*

Now, I know this goes without saying for most of you reading this, but I’m still going to say it because, you know, some people might twist my words around: This is not me complaining or blaming anyone—especially not my readers—for not reviewing my book. You know I don’t think readers owe authors book reviews. I’m just saying that this is what went through my head. Some would argue that I should have finished the series regardless, but I had a newborn baby (born December 2017) and had to stop writing If I Say No, stop writing completely, in the few months leading up to his birth and in his first few months in the world due to health conditions and you know, pregnancy and motherhood.

When the Baby settled into a routine of napping during the day, I finished writing Witch’s Blood, Book 2 and published the Witch’s Blood Series in summer 2018. This was the series I had to stop writing because If I Say Yes “demanded” to be completed first. When If I Say Yes didn’t “take off”, it made more sense to use what little free time I had to write the witch books instead of completing a Duology that no one seemed to be reading.

The Witch’s Blood Series is the follow-up to the vampire books that people were enjoying, paying for, so it already had an audience, so to speak. Other companies discontinue certain products that people don’t like and focus on producing the items that customers want—and they’re multinational companies! I’m just one person. I followed my gut and my heart, as I tend to do with my books, and put If I Say No on-hold.

I got the idea for my epic fantasy series soon after the Witch’s Blood books came out and I spent the next couple of years writing the Heir to the Throne Trilogy instead of completing If I Say No. No one seemed to be reading If I Say Yes, so I felt little guilt over postponing it further. I was eager to write my new fantasy books, so I did it.

Why I Decided To Publish If I Say No
Towards the end of 2019 and early 2020, I received several DMs in quick succession from readers saying they loved If I Say Yes and were desperate for the sequel. One person even said they re-read it around two years after their first read! Like what? Someone re-read my self-published book? Seriously? I know I only re-read my most favourite books, the ones I love, the ones that have great sentimental value to me—how could someone re-read a book I wrote?! Me! Wow.

My mind was officially blown. It’s like the coolest thing ever. The best feeling. “If I never make it as a writer,” I said to my husband after reading the below comment, “I can still die with the knowledge that I wrote a book that one person re-read.”

I had no idea that book had resonated with people in that way, had no way of knowing that readers were eagerly awaiting the conclusion to Shell’s story. A couple of positive reviews trickled in around about this time, too. Together, they painted a much more positive picture of the series.

I’m thankful for those messages because at the start of 2020, I actually decided to hit Unpublish on If I Say Yes. That’s right: I decided not to write the sequel and pan the series altogether. I didn’t want to leave the series starter at the retailers, for free or otherwise, when I knew I wasn’t going to complete the Duology. It would have annoyed anyone that read to the end and saw “Book 2 isn’t happening anymore. Sorry.” I wrote it as part 1 of a 2-part story with a specific (intended) reading experience in mind, and half the series wouldn’t have done it. Besides, my epic fantasy series was about to come out and I didn’t think I wanted to write contemporary romance anymore, especially not the sequel to a book that no one seemed to be reading (or enjoying if they did read it).

So, yeah, this is a finale that wouldn’t have been written if it wasn’t for the readers. Because of them, I ended up writing If I Say No in the year I’d decided not to write it at all LOL.

*Wipes away tears* Anyway, here are the links at the various retailers:

Free Book to Celebrate
To celebrate the release of my sequels, I usually make the series starter free for a limited time. However, If I Say Yes has always been free and will be free until further notice, so...

Book 1 of my other contemporary romance series, Soulmates Saga, is free for a limited time at Apple Books, B&N Nook, and Kobo.

Bear in mind that it’s a completely different story to If I Say Yes and has a different feel to it. A bit more grown-up with some darker themes. The overall series does have some Wuthering Heights vibes to it, too! It will always be special to me and I’m glad the readers that reviewed Book 1 over the years were touched by it. Don’t miss out on discovering this epic musical Saga with a touch of Bollywood-esque romance! You’ll get the revised 2020 edition of this book, which I uploaded the other day, complete with an extended preview of the sequel (first eight chapters).

As some of you know from this post, I edit and re-publish my older books when I launch a new novel in that genre, so that new readers can get the best version possible. That’s what I did with the Saga in the lead up to this release. I wanted to re-write my 2012 publications as though I got the ideas now, but time was an issue, so I did in-depth line edits, improving and adding to what’s already there—as well as deleting some stuff, too, of course.

If you download it from Apple Books (for your iPhone or iPad), you’ll be able to update it to every future version I upload. That’s why I personally prefer to buy ebooks from Apple Books—I don’t always get to read everything I download straightaway, but when I do get around to reading them, I can always update the file to the latest version before flipping to page 1. 

Praise for Soulmates Saga #1
"A truly fantastic read. The two main characters are cleverly crafted, impeccable. Their depth makes them feel real."
—Author, I.C. Camilleri

"Very well-written. I felt like I knew the characters myself!"
—Kobo Review of Smashwords Edition

"I cannot believe this is Neha’s first book. It is perfect."
—Blogger, Charlotte Lynn Reviews

“I loved the book. It touched me in such a way that I felt lost for a while without having Jamie and Mukti in my life. I can’t believe that this is the author's first book; the way it’s written is excellent.”
—Blogger, RosieReview

"Touching, moving, unique love story."
—Apple Books UK Review of Smashwords Edition

And these comments on If I Say Yes are just as lovely—who wouldn’t complete a Duology after reading these? LOL. These are the people to whom I’m dedicating If I Say No:

Amazon US reviews:

Blog comments:


Apple Books US:

Scribd review:

The below review was posted on Kindle US after the sequel was announced but it seems they may have read it before I decided to write the conclusion. How cool that this reader experienced If I Say exactly as I wanted readers to. It’s good to know I achieved it for this reader *wink.*

When I first told my mailing list that If I Say No was coming out and explained the delay, I received great responses; this was my favourite: 

Thanks to everyone at Apple Books US for these ratings:

Also, check out Courtney Young’s YouTube channel, which is where I first got the idea to ramble on my release days. Courtney films what she’s feeling and thinking on the days she releases her books to look back on them later.

My previous release day ramblings posts:

Heir to the Throne #3 (when the finale to this trilogy hit no.1 on release day!)

Heir to the Throne #0.1 (inc. sample of Curse to the Kingdom)

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: And here’s a treat if you’ve read this far: The first review for If I Say No was posted on January 30, 2021 on Goodreads, a day after release! This is the fastest review ever for any of my books! And I was right, this reader was hoping for the sequel to go in a different direction—and is no doubt, one of many readers that felt this way—but thankfully, they enjoyed it to 4-star level, yay! Read the review >>here<< and the same reader’s review on the first book >>here<<

Sunday 9 August 2020

Free Epic Fantasy Novelette—Read An Excerpt!

Curse to the Kingdom
, a novelette set in the world of my Heir to the Throne Trilogy, is out now! It’s free to download exclusively at Apple Books, B&N Nook Store, and Kobo!

The cover, blurb, and the first three chapters of this story are below. If you check it out, I hope you enjoy it—it’s the first time I’m posting an excerpt of any of my books here and it might be the first time a lot of you are reading ‘my fiction’ for a change. A little nervous about what you’ll think...

“Some rituals really shouldn’t be practiced anymore, especially if someone could die by the end of it.”

Two extraordinary ceremonies are about to change 18-year-old Cyvishi’s life forever in this novelette set in the epic fantasy world of the Heir to the Throne Trilogy.

Luckily, Cyvishi has a plan, one she will execute if the Kingdom’s customs and traditions force her into a life-or-death situation.

“I will not suffer the same tragic demise of Queens from centuries past.”

Curse to the Kingdom gives fans an extra glimpse of the fantasy world of the Heir to the Throne Trilogy—and is an excellent introduction for readers that have yet to discover this royalty fantasy series. This story can be read as a standalone at any point in the series—no spoilers for the main trilogy!

Read the first three chapters now: